The Politics of Africa’s Economic Development


Trade Africa: Plenary Meeting
Deputy Assistant Administrator Oren Whyche-Shaw, Trade Africa
Scott Miller, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Gary Hufbauer, The Peterson Institute for International Economics
Paul Brenton, World Bank
DAA Oren Whyche-Shaw, Trade Africa Coordinator
Adam Hemphill, Walmart
Paul Delaney, Kyle House Group, VFH Consultant
Steve Lamar, Vice President, AAFA
January 13

“Lived Poverty Declines in Africa: Is it Better Growth or Better Roads?” 
Robert Mattes, University of Cape Town
Boniface Dulani, University of Malawi
E. Gyimah-Boadi, Center for Democratic Development, Ghana
February 5

“Inequality, Citizenship and Spatial Dynamics in South African Cities: A Comparative Perspective with Brazil and India”
Patrick Heller, Lyn Crost Professor of Social Sciences, Brown University
February 10

Book Launch: “How South Africa Works and Must Do Better”
Dr. Jeffery Herbst, President and CEO, The Newseum
Dr. Greg Mills, Director Brenthurst Foundation, Johannesburg
Ambassador Donald Gips, (South Africa, 2009-2013)
February 19


“Urbanization and Ethnicity in Botswana”
Elliott Green, London School of Economics
March 25

Angola Since the Civil War: Reconstruction and Illiberal State-Building”
Ricard Soares de Oliveira, Oxford University
April 14

“Making Sense of China’s Rush Into Africa”
Howard French, Columbia University
April 21

“Social Conflict and Cattle Rustling in Africa: Understanding the New Pastoral Economy”
Mike Jobbins, Director, Global Affairs and Partnership, Search for Common Ground
October 7

“Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong”
Morten Jerven, Simon Fraser University
October 7

“Will Africa Feed China?”
Book Launch with Professor Deborah Brautigam, SAIS International Development Program
Moderated by Professor David Lampton, SAIS China Studies Program
Dr. Amadou Sy, Director of the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Institution
Professor Ling Chen, Assistant Professor of International Political Economy
October 29

“How to Make Government Work for Africa”
Nick ThompsonCEO of the African Governance Initiative
November 9

“Can South Africa’s Decline be Reversed?”
Jeffery Herbst, President and Chief Executive Officer, NEWSEUM
November 11


“Africa Rising: Challenges and Opportunities for Development”
Sponsored by SAIS Africa Association
Teddy Ruge. Co-founder of UMPG, Hive Colab and in Uganda
Florizelle Lizer, Asst. US Trade Representative for Africa, Professorial Lecturer at SAIS
Kalmongo Coulibaly, Economist, OPIC
February 25

“Betrayed: Politics, Power, and Prosperity”
Seth Kaplan, professorial lecturer in the African Studies Program, will discuss his new book
April 2

“Loot, Pillage, and Plunder: Prosecuting Economic War Crimes in the 21st Century”
Panel Discussion
October 8
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“Emerging Africa: How the Global Economy’s Last Frontier can Prosper and Matter”
Kingsley Moghalu, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
December 4


“Determinants of African Perceptions toward Chinese and American Engagement in Africa: A Hierarchical Approach”
Kristie Inman, CSIR, National Intelligence University
October 2

“The Limits of Institutional Reform in Development: New Ideas, Changing Approaches”
Matt Andrews, Harvard Kennedy School
October 31

“The African Growth Story: The GE Perspective”
Todd Johnson, SAIS Alum
General Electric Africa
November 7

“’I am Here Until Development Comes’: Displacement, Demolitions and Property Rights in Urbanizing Abuja”
Carl LeVan, American University
Josiah Olubowale, University of the West Indies
November 18


“Initiating and Sustaining Developmental Regimes in Africa: Findings from Two European-led Research Programmes”
David E.F. Henley, Professor of Contemporary Indonesian Studies, University of Leiden; co-Coordinator Tracking Development Project (
David Booth, Overseas Development Institute, London; Director, Africa Power and Politics Programme (
March 12


Conference: “Africa’s New Era of Growth: Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future”
The conference explores the key political and economic factors that have contributed to the acceleration of the region’s development, in addition to the key risks and opportunities for African development looking ahead.
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March 1-2

“African Governance Report: Elections and the Management of Diversity in Africa”
Said Adejumobi, ECOWAS; Lagos State University
March 3

“The Role of China, India, Brazil and Other Emerging Nations in Africa”
Ambassador David Shinn, George Washington University
September 14

“Emerging Africa – Rwanda: a Case of a Top Reformer?”
Stephan Klingebiel, Head of Department “Bi- and Multilateral Development Cooperation,” German Development Institute
November 9


“Emerging Africa: The Unheralded Economic Turnaround in (half of) Africa”
Steven Radelet, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development.
Co-sponsored with the International Development Roundtable.
September 18

“Africa and the Global Economic Downturn: Impact and Responses”
Harry Broadman, Managing Director of the Albright Stonebridge Group.
September 23


“Hope to Horror: Strategies to Overcome Africa’s State Crisis”
Richard Joseph, John Evans Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University
February 8

“Liberia: from Conflict to Reconstruction and Development”
Steven Radelet, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development
February 13

“Unlocking Africa’s Potential: Development Corridors and SDIs – a private sector led growth strategy”
Dr. Rosalind Thomas, Visiting Scholar of African Studies, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS
October 22


“The Potentiality of Developmental States in Africa: Uganda and Botswana Compared”
Pamela Mbabazi, Senior Lecturer & Dean, Faculty of Development Studies at Mbarara University of Science & Technology, Uganda; Fulbright Visiting African Scholar, SAIS-IDEV
April 9

“The Political Economy of Africa’s Growth 1960—2000, an Analytic Survey: The Determinants of Africa’s Economic Performance in its First 50 Years of Independence”
Robert H. Bates, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government at Harvard University
April 13