The program frequently offers study trips to students during intersession and summer periods. Groups have recently gone to South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal and China.

Our students are engaged in a wide range of innovative research, both on campus and abroad. Students regularly conduct individual study trips and research in Africa. Recent projects have included:

“African Migrants to Europe: The West African Coastal Link” (Senegal) 
“Authoritarian Development in Ethiopia and Rwanda”
“Beyond Local Content: Catalyzing Economic Development through Ghana’s Oil Sector”
“China’s Engagement in Africa: the Case of Cameroon”
”Constitutional Development in a New State” (South Sudan)
“Democracy and Traditional Rule in Ghana” 
“Developing Transport Linkages in SADC: Malawi and Zambia”
“Displaced Persons and Land-Related Violence in Kenya”
“Education in Conflict-Stricken Areas: Challenges and Achievements of Education in Rwanda”
“The Evolving Character of Ghanaian Democracy” 
“IDPs and Conflict in Northern Nigeria”
“Managing Resource Wealth in a New Oil Producer” (Ghana)
“Media Programs and Governance: the Case of Sierra Leone”
“Political Survival and Regime Change in Africa”
“Protest and Democratic Succession in Senegal”
“Regional Variation in Southern African States”
“The Role of Kenya’s Civil Society in the Constitution Review Process”
“A Strategic Approach to Women’s Right in Senegal: Engaging Local Partners in Legal Reform”
“Success and Shortcomings of Kenya’s Counterterrorism Efforts”
“Understanding Accountability Across Post-Conflict Societies: The Cases of Nepal and Liberia”
“Violence and Resources in the Niger Delta of Nigeria”
“Youth Movements and Political Crisis in Cote’ d’Ivoire”
“Youth Unemployment in South Africa: The plight of South Africa’s marginalized and under-skilled youth”